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ScrapmyCarsg is a Top Rated Scrap Car Dealer In Singapore. We provide best Car Scrap Prices and Car Scrapping Services in Singapore.

Get an indicative price of your car when selling to a car dealer, consigning your car or selling as a direct seller!







    Lta authorised scrap car dealer ?

    • The scrap car dealer is the one who buys old and scraps cars for a very low price. 
    • They then break the car down into pieces and sell them to people who want to make metal products out of them.
    • The LTA authorised scrap car dealer in Singapore is responsible for buying old and scrap cars from people who want to sell their cars. 
    • LTA is the government agency that oversees the licensing of scrap car dealers in Singapore. 
    • Scrap car dealers who are authorised by the LTA must comply with strict guidelines in terms of their facilities and operations.
    • A yard or parking space must be provided for at least one vehicle outside the storage area.
    • The premises must be adequately lit at night and there must be no direct access to public areas like roads or pedestrian walkways. 
    • The dealer’s staff should wear uniforms and badges while on duty and they should also provide their contact details prominently

            The  best Scrap Car Dealer Services

    • Scrap car dealer services are essential for those who have old and scrap cars that they want to get rid of. 
    • Scrapmycarsg offers one of the best Scrap car dealer services at an affordable price.
    • Our service providers usually buy scrap cars from people who want to get rid of them for a small sum of money. 
    • We take them to a junkyard where they are processed and recycled.
    • These days, it is not easy to find a scrap car dealer service provider in your locality as there are many fake ones out there. 
    • Scrap car dealers buy old, damaged, or junk cars. They usually offer to tow the car for no charge and offer a cash payment for the scrap metal.
    • The scrap metal market is very volatile and prices can change drastically from day today. 
    • The price of metal can also be affected by other factors such as how much oil is in the ground or how much copper is in circulation.
    • A scrap car dealer will assess the condition of the car before buying it and offer a price for it. 
    • If you agree to the price, they will tow away your car for recycling.

            Why choose us for Scrap car Dealer services ?

    • Scrapmycarsg is an LTA authorised scrap car dealer in Singapore and has a license from the LTA to be able to buy and sell scrapped cars.
    • We specialize in the recycling of old and scrap cars.
    • We are known to be one of the most reliable company that deals with recycling old and scrap cars. 
    • As a company with more than a decade of experience, we have always provided customers with the best quality services.
    • LTA approved dealers are not only responsible for the disposal of your scrap car, but they also offer you a fair price for it.
    • As an  LTA authorised scrap car dealer in Singapore, we will provide you with all the necessary documentation and keep you updated about the process of disposing of your scrap car.

               Scrap Car Dealer Advantages

    • A scrap car dealer is a person or business that buys and sells used cars. 
    • They are able to offer a lower price for the car due to the fact that they do not need to worry about repairing the vehicle.
                  Some of the advantages of using a scrap car dealer are:

                     Some of these reasons include:

    1. The process is quick and easy 
    2. It can be done in one day
    3. The process is cost-effective
    4. Your car won’t be hassled by social media or classified ads when you sell it privately

        Scrapmycarsg provides the best full-fledged Scrap Car Dealer services and benefits.


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