Scrapping your car in Singapore – DIY

Singapore has the best scrapyards, which not only help in scrapping but also provide exporting and trading services. Getting some guidance from the professional scrappers can help along the way, making the task easier for you.

Moreover, opting for a company which provides exceptional services along with reasonable prices is always a good idea. For people in Singapore, is one of the most significant companies to scrap, export and sell car in Singapore.

The question is; “how to scrap my car in Singapore?”

Even though it might seem like a challenging task, but it is not. If you are a local in Singapore than following the steps below can help you scrap your car without any difficulty.

The process of scrapping is straightforward. Have a look.

Before you decide to scrap or export carmake sure you visit the LTAto get the T-pin (transaction pin) along with the form D01 (application for deregistration of the vehicle) and PARF and COE rebates. Moreover, you can also opt for a list of the approved scrapyards to make your task easier. The scrapyards all across Singapore provide these services, which make the process easier and a lot more convenient.

One of the essential things is resetting your password if you are thinking of deregistering your car. This can be done from the counter of the scrapyard where the cooperative and friendly faculty is always available at your service.

The price of your scrap car body can vary which is mainly dependent on the state of your car. The car in working condition gets a better value than the one which doesn’t work that well. The cost can be easily enquired by calling the scrapyard.

One thing which you need to keep in mind is the documents. If you want to scrap your car in Singapore, you’ll require the following documents. Make sure you have them compiled at one place.

  • The authorization letter to get the transaction pin.
  • Authorization letter from the firm to reset your login pin.
  • ACRA document (for the company’s registered car)
  • NRIC

On the day when your car is finally being scrapped make sure you bring the transaction pin and the D01 to the scrapyard. Once you are there, all your paperwork will be handed over to the LTA. Next, you’ll be asked for your login details so that you can claim back your PARF rebate. The PARF rebate usually comes back in three to four days after which you are done with the process.

Quite simple and easy, right? Well, if you choose the right scrapyard, you’ll not only get the most reasonable price but will also get things done smoothly. Choosing for your car’s scrapping services can be advantageous in numerous distinctive ways, which is why it is highly recommended for the people in Singapore.

Easy ways to sell your car in Singapore

When selling a used car, it is hard to find a buyer who is willing to buy at the rate you are offering and be perfectly content with the condition of the car. You will have to go through many buyers, looking and rejecting your vehicles for many reasons before someone finally closes the deal. Singapore’s automotive industry is huge, making selling of cars even more competitive. Here are a few easy ways that will save you time and energy when you are trying to sell your car.

Sell to a legal resident:

To sell car in Singapore, you need to make sure that the buyer has a valid ID and is a legal resident of Singapore. They also need to have a valid motor insurance.

Make use of the internet:

In this modern era of technology and internet, half of our jobs are made so much easier. You can put up an ad on the internet, with a picture of your car to connect with interested buyers. There are multiple forums, some charge you a fee while the others are free of cost, where you can put an advertisement for your car.

Provide complete information:

When putting up your ad make sure to provide complete information so that people are attracted to the ad instead of dismissing it. This information includes the desired selling price of the car, model of the car, Registration date,COE expiration date, your contact details and good pictures of your car. You can also include other information such as mileage, service history, specifications, etc. You can also get more information about the car via LTA website at

Social Networking:

Another way to let the public know about the availability of your car is to post ads on social networking. Face book, for example, has multiple private groups which you can join. Make sure you join groups which operate in the location near you. Similarly, there are pages on Instagram and other networks as well. Make sure these groups are reliable and verified, though. You do not want to fall victim to fraud.

Once you have put up your advertisement, prepare for some phone calls or emails (whichever you have provided). Keep checking and refreshing so that you do not miss a chance for potential buyers. Next, you will need to ask the buyer if he is interested in a test drive. If yes, he needs to fill and sign an indemnity form, according to which any damage, loss or injury would be the responsibility of the buyer during the test drive and none of these liabilities will fall on you. You can find and download the indemnity form from the internet.

Once the test drive is over with, a Sales Agreement Form is signed. This is an agreement with details about the two parties (buyer and the seller). This agreement form also includes details about the vehicle that is being purchased. Once this agreement is signed, the money is transferred (via cash, cheques, bank transfer) and the vehicle, along with all the documentation needs to be handed over to the buyer. The seller should be careful to issue an invoice for the deposit paid and needs to keep it safe as it is an important document. is one of the best place to check the price of your used car either to sell it locally, for export or to scrap.

Exporting Cars- All You Need to Know

When it comes to exporting cars there are some regulations that you need to keep in mind. You can be a part of the bustling import/export car business in vehicles, exporting cars all around the globe. And here is all you need to know to carry out vehicles’ export business.

It does not cost a lot to get into this business. As a startup, all you need to invest is in a mobile phone with an internet connection. As this business grows you can put some money in getting your website started, a little branding (logo, business name, etc.) and, printing business cards.

Focusing on a niche market rather than an expanded one will make it easier to concentrate and build a strong base. Decide your target customers, the location where you will serve and, the type of automobiles you will be dealing in. according to the International Trade Center, the top importer countries are the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, China, Canada, France, Belgium, Spain, Mexico, and Italy. Top exporters of vehicles include Germany, Republic of Korea, the United States, Japan, etc.

For the registration of your export/import business, you need to fill a registration form of your country. Once registered, you will be given instructions along with a Company Identification Number (CIN) for tax purposes.

For trading vehicles and automobiles there is specific documentation you need to submit and have. Moreover, these exported vehicles must comply with the importer country’s standards. For example, for importing cars to the United States, there are some environmental and safety standards (such as having airbags, seat belts, etc.) that the exporter must fulfill. Required forms and procedures depend on the type of vehicle you are exporting. These forms also have to be submitted to the country you are exporting to. Since, regulations and requirements keep updating and changing so it is advised to ask an import/export specialist for exact details, requirements, clearance documents, licenses that are required.

Import and export business charges based on two popular models, named commission structure and retainer model. In the commission structure, the exporter receives a percentage (commission) on any sales that he makes. Mostly, the commission is around 10 percent of the total price of the vehicle. For instance, if you sell an Audi R8 for $165,000, with a ten percent commission you will get $16,500 as commission. Additional charges, such as packaging and shipping should also be charged by the exporter.

The second model, that is the retainer model, works a little differently. According to this model, clients will pay a monthly fee to the exporter to be on call when they require your services. To determine the right amount for the retainer, the export should consider the costs of exporting the car, everything from labor, supplies, and of course, overhead.

If your vehicle is easy to sell it is advised to choose the commission model. But if it is hard to sell the product you are dealing in, stick with the retainer method. provides the best export car service to make sure you get the best value. Not only this, you can also use for services like scrap car, sell carand trade car.

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Things to consider before scraping your car

Bidding for a new COE (Certificate of Entitlement) can be quite challenging. Majority of the people usually opt for scrapping or exporting the vehicle instead of endeavoring for the new COE.

If you are looking for a company which helps in exporting and scrapping your car in Singapore than is undoubtedly the best.

However, before trading or exporting your car, there is a lot you need to consider. Knowing how to scrap my car in Singapore might seem a little challenging but is actually not.

Here is a collection of some things you need to know before scrapping your car. Have a look.

  1. Car Pricing of Car Scrapping:

Your car scrapping pricing mainly relies on supply and demand. The value or the amount you get for your car depends on several distinctive factors like supply and demand and make/model etc. Taking an example of the prices back in 2007 and 2008, registration of new cars was almost 10% less in comparison to 2004 and 2005. This indicates that the total cars being scrapped will be less and will eventually result in under-supply. However, the body of your car will have a higher scrap value. This clarifies that the pricing of the vehicle varies based on the different factors.  You can easily visit  LTA and get your task done.

  1. Various exporters, different benefits:

Different exporters tend to pay different, which relies on the market value of the scrap car in that region. As for Singapore, the scrap rate of the car is calculated through the PARF and COE rebate of the vehicle. Moreover, if you scrap your car a little early, you’ll get more price in the car’s COE rebate. So, before making the final decision, make sure you look for the different exporters and go for the highest value.

  1. Make sure you scrap your car on time:

Leaving things on the last minute can be risky for you. Once the car’s COE expires, you won’t be eligible to drive the car on the road, thus exporting will be difficult. Not only this, but you will also have to pay some additional amount for tugging and towing, etc. So, whenever you are thinking of scrapping your car, make sure it’s almost a month before the COE expires.

  1. Exporting is better than scrapping:

You get more value for your car if exporting is your option. The exporter puts up a price and exports your car to different countries all around the world, which is why the value you get is higher as compared to scrapping. In case, the vehicle doesn’t sell it is sent to the scrap yard for scrapping. You’ll get a comparatively less price. Therefore try preferring exporting rather than scrapping. Companies like will help you export car, giving you the best services and reasonable price.

  1. What is the value you’ll get?

Majority of the people are often confused about the total paper value, but in short, it is quite simple. The paper value of your car equals the total COE rebate plus total PARF rebate, which can be calculated quite simply.

Other than these five things finding the best company for scrapping, exporting and trading your car can be a challenge of its own as well. is one of the best companies which will not only help in shipping and trading but also assures to provide the best services in Singapore. So whether you want to export,scrap, trade or sell the car, make sure you contact ScrapMyCar.

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Scraping, trading and exporting – how it all works in Singapore

Scraping, trading and exporting isn’t as easy as it seems. There are multiple steps you need to go through before finally making a deal for your car. Even though, there are a number of different car dealerships in Singapore providing scraping, exporting and trading services. However, is considered as the best one.

You might have an idea of scraping, selling, trading and exporting cars already, however there is a lot you still need to know. Why not begin from “how to export cars in Singapore?”

Export your car in Singapore:

If you want to export carsmake sure you emphasize more on the niche market instead of an extended one. This will help you develop and lay down a strong base. Next you need to decide the customers you want to target, and the type of automobiles you are expecting to deal. You can easily find a number of car exportation opportunities from all over the globe.

After you have decided which place and customer to target, start the registration process of export and import business. Fill the registration form, provide all the required information and give all the details related to the cars along with some of your personal information. You can find the details of your car by visiting the LTA. Once you are through with the process, you can easily export your car wherever you want.

Car Scraping in Singapore:

Moving towards car scraping.

Completing each and every one of your document is necessary while scraping. The letter required for car scraping are:

  • The authorization letter to get the transaction pin.
  • Authorization letter from the firm to reset your login pin.
  • ACRA document (for the company’s registered car)
  • NRIC

You can complete your documents and submit the scanned ones online but it is always better to go down to the LTA. Visiting the LTA is a lot more convenient than submitting your information online mainly because it is difficult to figure out if the online forum is fake or real.

There are a few things you need to know before you decide to scrap car. Have a look:

  • Know the car scraping price in the market.
  • Look for different exporters, each one pays different. Make sure the one who pays you more is hired.
  • Scrap your car before the COE expires.

Trading in Singapore:

You can easily trade cars in Singapore. Trading and scraping companies like can help you get the better price for your car. Selling through trade is the most convenient option which is why most of the companies usually prefer different trading options in order to sell your car. Theform-filling, car possession and handling the loan is done through the company you choose for instance

These are a few things you need to know about selling, trading, exporting and scraping. For all those looking for any kind of assistance in car selling, exporting or trading, you can contact for all these services.

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