Easy ways to sell your car in Singapore

When selling a used car, it is hard to find a buyer who is willing to buy at the rate you are offering and be perfectly content with the condition of the car. You will have to go through many buyers, looking and rejecting your vehicles for many reasons before someone finally closes the deal. Singapore’s automotive industry is huge, making selling of cars even more competitive. Here are a few easy ways that will save you time and energy when you are trying to sell your car.

Sell to a legal resident:

To sell car in Singapore, you need to make sure that the buyer has a valid ID and is a legal resident of Singapore. They also need to have a valid motor insurance.

Make use of the internet:

In this modern era of technology and internet, half of our jobs are made so much easier. You can put up an ad on the internet, with a picture of your car to connect with interested buyers. There are multiple forums, some charge you a fee while the others are free of cost, where you can put an advertisement for your car.

Provide complete information:

When putting up your ad make sure to provide complete information so that people are attracted to the ad instead of dismissing it. This information includes the desired selling price of the car, model of the car, Registration date,COE expiration date, your contact details and good pictures of your car. You can also include other information such as mileage, service history, specifications, etc. You can also get more information about the car via LTA website at www.onemotoring.com.sg

Social Networking:

Another way to let the public know about the availability of your car is to post ads on social networking. Face book, for example, has multiple private groups which you can join. Make sure you join groups which operate in the location near you. Similarly, there are pages on Instagram and other networks as well. Make sure these groups are reliable and verified, though. You do not want to fall victim to fraud.

Once you have put up your advertisement, prepare for some phone calls or emails (whichever you have provided). Keep checking and refreshing so that you do not miss a chance for potential buyers. Next, you will need to ask the buyer if he is interested in a test drive. If yes, he needs to fill and sign an indemnity form, according to which any damage, loss or injury would be the responsibility of the buyer during the test drive and none of these liabilities will fall on you. You can find and download the indemnity form from the internet.

Once the test drive is over with, a Sales Agreement Form is signed. This is an agreement with details about the two parties (buyer and the seller). This agreement form also includes details about the vehicle that is being purchased. Once this agreement is signed, the money is transferred (via cash, cheques, bank transfer) and the vehicle, along with all the documentation needs to be handed over to the buyer. The seller should be careful to issue an invoice for the deposit paid and needs to keep it safe as it is an important document.

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