Scraping, trading and exporting – how it all works in Singapore

Scraping, trading and exporting isn’t as easy as it seems. There are multiple steps you need to go through before finally making a deal for your car. Even though, there are a number of different car dealerships in Singapore providing scraping, exporting and trading services. However, is considered as the best one.

You might have an idea of scraping, selling, trading and exporting cars already, however there is a lot you still need to know. Why not begin from “how to export cars in Singapore?”

Export your car in Singapore:

If you want to export carsmake sure you emphasize more on the niche market instead of an extended one. This will help you develop and lay down a strong base. Next you need to decide the customers you want to target, and the type of automobiles you are expecting to deal. You can easily find a number of car exportation opportunities from all over the globe.

After you have decided which place and customer to target, start the registration process of export and import business. Fill the registration form, provide all the required information and give all the details related to the cars along with some of your personal information. You can find the details of your car by visiting the LTA. Once you are through with the process, you can easily export your car wherever you want.

Car Scraping in Singapore:

Moving towards car scraping.

Completing each and every one of your document is necessary while scraping. The letter required for car scraping are:

  • The authorization letter to get the transaction pin.
  • Authorization letter from the firm to reset your login pin.
  • ACRA document (for the company’s registered car)
  • NRIC

You can complete your documents and submit the scanned ones online but it is always better to go down to the LTA. Visiting the LTA is a lot more convenient than submitting your information online mainly because it is difficult to figure out if the online forum is fake or real.

There are a few things you need to know before you decide to scrap car. Have a look:

  • Know the car scraping price in the market.
  • Look for different exporters, each one pays different. Make sure the one who pays you more is hired.
  • Scrap your car before the COE expires.

Trading in Singapore:

You can easily trade cars in Singapore. Trading and scraping companies like can help you get the better price for your car. Selling through trade is the most convenient option which is why most of the companies usually prefer different trading options in order to sell your car. Theform-filling, car possession and handling the loan is done through the company you choose for instance

These are a few things you need to know about selling, trading, exporting and scraping. For all those looking for any kind of assistance in car selling, exporting or trading, you can contact for all these services.

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