Scrapping your car in Singapore – DIY

Singapore has the best scrapyards, which not only help in scrapping but also provide exporting and trading services. Getting some guidance from the professional scrappers can help along the way, making the task easier for you.

Moreover, opting for a company which provides exceptional services along with reasonable prices is always a good idea. For people in Singapore, is one of the most significant companies to scrap, export and sell car in Singapore.

The question is; “how to scrap my car in Singapore?”

Even though it might seem like a challenging task, but it is not. If you are a local in Singapore than following the steps below can help you scrap your car without any difficulty.

The process of scrapping is straightforward. Have a look.

Before you decide to scrap or export carmake sure you visit the LTAto get the T-pin (transaction pin) along with the form D01 (application for deregistration of the vehicle) and PARF and COE rebates. Moreover, you can also opt for a list of the approved scrapyards to make your task easier. The scrapyards all across Singapore provide these services, which make the process easier and a lot more convenient.

One of the essential things is resetting your password if you are thinking of deregistering your car. This can be done from the counter of the scrapyard where the cooperative and friendly faculty is always available at your service.

The price of your scrap car body can vary which is mainly dependent on the state of your car. The car in working condition gets a better value than the one which doesn’t work that well. The cost can be easily enquired by calling the scrapyard.

One thing which you need to keep in mind is the documents. If you want to scrap your car in Singapore, you’ll require the following documents. Make sure you have them compiled at one place.

  • The authorization letter to get the transaction pin.
  • Authorization letter from the firm to reset your login pin.
  • ACRA document (for the company’s registered car)
  • NRIC

On the day when your car is finally being scrapped make sure you bring the transaction pin and the D01 to the scrapyard. Once you are there, all your paperwork will be handed over to the LTA. Next, you’ll be asked for your login details so that you can claim back your PARF rebate. The PARF rebate usually comes back in three to four days after which you are done with the process.

Quite simple and easy, right? Well, if you choose the right scrapyard, you’ll not only get the most reasonable price but will also get things done smoothly. Choosing for your car’s scrapping services can be advantageous in numerous distinctive ways, which is why it is highly recommended for the people in Singapore.

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