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ScrapmyCarsg is a Top Rated Scrap Car Dealer In Singapore. We provide Car Scrapping Services and offer you the best prices on the market for your car.

Get an indicative price of your car when selling to a car dealer, consigning your car or selling as a direct seller!







    Scrap Car Service Singapore

    ScrapMyCar Singapore specializes in assisting customers in obtaining the highest possible value for their vehicles, whether they are selling, exporting and scrapping of cars. At Company name, we are experts in de-registering all types of car scrapping services in singapore.

    We understand that many people do not have the skills or information essential to sell their cars for the highest potential price. As a result, many car owners failed to identify their vehicles’ true values, potentially losing hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

    Scrap Car Services in Singapore

    Scrapping a Car can be a much difficult task. Not only do most people have a solid knowledge of their car, but they are also leery of dealers and agents who may try to take advantage of them.

    The truth is, when it comes to Scrapping your car, It is a much more complex process. Even the most knowledgeable automotive fans, who know everything there is to know about throttle, horsepower, and engine oil can have a lot of dubious information about market circumstances. After all, their knowledge can’t possibly compare to that of a dealer or an agent, who make their living buying old automobiles.

    We’ve noticed an increase in the view that most brokers and dealers trick the general public into a terrible bargain due to this massive information gap. As a result, sellers are far more cautious when estimating the value of their vehicles.

    Scrap My Car has taken up regulating market trade by functioning as a fair and independent intermediary in this context. Our goal has always been to ensure that our customers get a reasonable price for their car. For laypeople trying to buy or sell a vehicle, ScrapMyCar can be a crutch.

    Our business model is straightforward. A client contacts us at +65 8612 0383 or by filling our query form. They provide us with information about the car they want to sell. ScrapMyCar starts the process once we receive all of these particular pieces of information.

    Our Vision

    Scrap My Car aspires to be a leader in the automotive industry in the next years. ScrapMyCar aspires to become an alternative market to traditional car buying and selling centres, thanks to the rise of internet technology. Everything these days is booked online, from cabs to hotel rooms to pizza. Because of its complexity, the automobile industry has not yet reached that point. Scrap My Car aspires to be the spark for change that we so desperately need.

    Why Choose ScrapMyCarsg For Car Scrapping Services?

    1. Defined Objectives

    While we are not a charity, we are very conscious of the requirements of our clientele. Our friendly and committed team ensures that our valued customers receive nothing but the best service on scrapping your car in Singapore. There are no hidden fees with us because we make our charges extremely explicit. You can put your faith in our word!

    2. Simple Yet Comprehensive

    While our company strategy appears to be simple at first glance, the underlying workings are rather sophisticated. The platform was created to provide a simple alternative to our clients who would otherwise have to approach a dealer who might or might not be able to obtain them a fair deal. On the back end, we have a large network of industry resources combing the marketplace for buyers and sellers so that any of our clients’ requests can be fulfilled right away.

    3. Personalized Service

    You will receive the kind of attention that you deserve from our staff. It can be difficult to sell an automobile, especially when dealing with the paperwork and negotiations. Our staff will assist you in getting the best Car Scrap price possible by guiding you every step of the way.

    Our team has years of experience in the sector and is ready to use this new and exciting business model to transform the vehicle industry. Individuals who value our services’ time savings and efficiency are our clientele. We are pleased to be a total-quality-oriented firm with unrivalled commitment to our clients’ cause.

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